Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses


You can never have enough marketing avenues. We have been proving a number of services to local businesses. Yet the question we get most is “How do we get more customers?” As a business owner you must commit the money to plant the. Be consistent and advertise every day. Remember to keep your marketing message must be constantly reinforced. Your customers will forget you if they don’t hear from you often.

You must be confident and allow your marketing plan take at least 60 days to produce even minimum results. Be patient, confident and committed. Believe in your business and your efforts will pay off over times.

1. Know Your Customers and Needs

Denver, Frisco, Colorado Springs? Where are your customers coming from? Describe the person most likely to want or need your product. Understand their motivation so you can target the product to the correct customer base. Define why they want to buy your product.

2. Create a Survey for Your Business

Develop and handout or mail a survey to customers. Learn about what motivates them to buy. Find out as much as you can. Demographics information is valuable to help develop a great advertising plan. In return, offer a gift or discount for completing the survey.


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3. Send a “Happy Birthday” Greeting

Design a special postcard with a discount coupon. Let people know how important they are as a client.

4. Team Up with other local businesses from Summit County

Find a local business that has some overlap in services and products? Share advertising costs with another company to take advantage of quality printing design or to make ads affordable. You can team with another product such as an oil changes company with a car wash company.

5. Be Consistent and Committed

Research shows a message must be repeated to be remembered. Your message must clear and delivered frequently. Some times that means emailing or sending flyers multiple times to be sure customers remember you. We recently helped an oil service company in Frisco. We had them send multiple mailers to the same people. This brought in a number of new clients by committing to an advertising plan and target area.

6. Promote Trends or Current Events

Take advantage of popular trends and events. Could you tie your product or service to current news? For example is there an event you can partner with? You can gain instant credibility and interest by association with established Summit County groups or companies.

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7. Add Character to Your Business

Create and use photos of your staff, office, products, etc. in your promotional materials.  A quote from the person pictured conveys friendliness and builds legitimacy in your industry or company.

8. Make Awesome Business Cards

Not many marketing materials are as universal as a business card. It gives recognition as much as a logo attached with a catchy business card. If you need a map, or other information, use can use the back of the card. Your card is there long after you are gone. Always give out cards to business associates who might be able to promote your company or group. Give a card to everyone you meet, and put one in every letter, particularly local companies you can do business with in the future


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