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5 reasons social media marketing can help grow your business


When you are out in public, with one quick glance around many people are on their phones using social media. With the ever-growing volume of users on social media, access to potential customers can happen quickly. With large business utilizing social media as a useful marketing channel, as well as working with consumers and responding across platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Social media companies such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have successfully hanged their structures from social interaction with family and friends online, to building massive data capturing systems to help gain access to users interest.

But with smaller budgets, does social media make sense for your small business? Absolutely.

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Here are some great reasons why we find Social Media useful to small businesses.

1. Know and Connect with Your Customers

To take advantage of your social media sites, it’s important to know your customers in order to connect with them. You will be able to offer products and services that will keep them interested. Connecting with your customers is just as important. Social media can be seen as a modern version of face-to-face interactions in today’s digital world. It’s important to respond to comments and queries as it can and will impact the perceived customer service of your business.

2. Humanize Your Business

It’s important to remember: People don’t do business with brands. They do business with people.

Social media provides consumers to have conversations that allow your business to be more visible and approachable across many platforms. Take the time to listen and respond non-emotionally, own up to mistakes and be sure to celebrate your business success with your audience. Be open and authentic and you will be on your way to growing your small business on social media.

3. Use Both Organic and Paid Strategies to Reach Customers

You should be developing an organic (unpaid) social media strategy and an ad-based (paid) social media plan. You can include organic social campaigns to help build and establish an online presence and engaging with new and existing customers. Paid social media ads will help you with reaching new audiences and promoting your products/services.

4. Quickly Improves Your SEO and increases website traffic

Your website is a storefront that’s open 24 hours. On Social media sites, publishing great images on Facebook or Instagram will instantly grab the attention of your Social media users’ and send them to your website. The more clicks from social media will translate into improving your website’s current position.

5. Keep Your Accounts Active

Once you gain followers on social media, you want to keep them, so you need regularly update your account.

Social media should be similar to other types of marketing where you’re providing valuable content to your followers several times a week. Consider some of the content types you are posting. 

Entertainment: Post things that your audience will find interesting or funny. These posts are meant to connect with your audience and keep them engaged.

Do you have special deals, offers or new products and services. Be sure to Include any upcoming sales and promotions. Make sure you post about it and encourage website visits for special coupons or deals.

Events and News: Keep your followers current with what’s happening with your business. Maybe you were you featured in an article or maybe received an award? Don’t be shy, let your followers know!

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