5 Reasons Businesses need a Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialists


Local Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization, known as SEO is used to optimize your website content to become better visible to internet search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. As SEO Specialist, our goal here at Peak One is to develop plans on how to best optimize website content and be sure your website is found by major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing, and thus your target audience. When we build websites or do your search engine optimization, your rank position on a search result pages because of SEO.

When people conduct a search on the search engines, will they find you first or visit one of your competitor’s website because your website is essentially invisible to searchers and search engines? We can help your SEO by designing and creating an effective SEO strategy to improve your website’s position in organic search results.

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Local Search Engine Optimization Specialist

As local SEO specialist, we can help guide you through any issues on your website, and help you reach your target audience; one that will benefit your business the most. Here in Summit County, most business owners already many day-to-day tasks and responsibilities to manage their business alone. As a Silverthorne Search Engine Optimization company and local website designer, we are SEO Specialists make it one less thing for owners to worry about, with results you can see. For your business, improving ranking ultimately leads to new sources of traffic, website conversions and increased search engine traffic.

> Local SEO ranks you higher in local search engine results like Google

Most local customers use search engines such as Google as the main way to find local businesses, and 50% of local customers who make a local search end up visiting the store on the exact same day. Our local SEO must be specific – particularly in tourist towns where visitors may not be aware of local businesses.  Without proper SEO, you are losing a large number of opportunities by not displaying your website to customers who do a local search

93% of search results show the ‘Google 3 pack’ which is the top three results that Google has deemed the most valuable for your personal search. As an example, Google shows web searchers results that are relevant to their search term and geographic location including your business name, address, and number (NAP) so it’s critical to manage your online presence.

As an example, Breckenridge and Silverthorne search engine optimization would be require different SEO to best optimize websites. For a restaurant in Breckenridge and a retail store in Silverthorne, would require completely different website design as well as optimization.

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> You Get Face-to-Face Meetings

Based in Summit County, we serve as a local SEO company providing the very best website design and SEO services. As a small team of freelance website designers, we provide more focused attention to you and your business. We have a vested interest in making sure that you see results, so you can share your success with other local business owners.

One of the major advantages of using a local SEO company is that you can have meetings to discuss your marketing strategies face-to-face. We work to build strong relationships, and being local allows us to establish your trust.


> We Show You Where You Should Be Listing Your Company

Many business owners get a website and decide that is all they need. Unfortunately, that’s just the first step. Next, we will need to take steps and list your website on relevant third-party sites. We help you get established online with website such as Yelp or Google. Even more, we get your listed locally, so your business will begin to thrive much quicker.

Searches have evolved to often include terms such as “Near Me.” As local web designers, searches for our business may include:


“website designer near me”
“Silverthorne search engine optimization”
“website design companies near me”


> Your Business Isn’t Getting Found

Can you find your business online for your preferred key words? If not, you probably need SEO services.  Some of the signs when you should hire and SEO company include:

Your Business Ranks Poorly on Search Engines – Type the name of the service you provide into Google. After you hit enter, you’ll notice a short list of local businesses at the top. If your competitors are outranking you, it’s time for an SEO strategy.

Your Business Lacks an Online Presence – Along with Google, you should also setup or claim your business listings on other local directories such as Yelp and Yellow Pages.

Your Site Isn’t Optimized for Mobile – With most web searches occurring on mobile devices, your mobile website must be optimized significantly to boost your website’s local rankings.


You Get the Search Engine Optimization Results

Many people think SEO can’t make a big difference on their website ranking. Our SEO services work, and you will be able to see our work as you see rankings and listings, even your own Google searches to see how long it takes to run across your business.

With changes in position of your website, and as your online visibility increases, we can work with to be sure we identify and support your goals, whether it’s in the form of website leads to eCommerce sales.


Contact an Experienced Local SEO

SEO can leave you feeling confused, overwhelmed, or just too busy to worry about your Local SEO efforts, contact us. Let’s get started in improving your Google rank position and dominating your local competition.