Attract more Customers with a Blog

You have heard “Content is king” many times before. But what is your content? Are you a King of content in your in the area market for your clients? If so, this requires a much focused approach to your content so your business can connect with the local community.

As many business owners will be looking to boost their local visibility in their market. The first question is how to improve and reach new customers. I automatically refer them to creating a blog. A local blog. Try to create a really awesome locally-oriented blog. This will help you connect with people in your area. People will keep reading because it’s useful and interesting.

1. Be a Part of Your Community

Attending community events, keeping an eye on issues, or reading stories about local heroes are a great way? If not, start doing it.

2. Address the Market Needs
There’s a good reason you started a business that targets a community audience. It’s because there a local need locally for your product or service. Tell your audience why you’re the best in the area.

3. Create Customers Who Promote You

Word of mouth is the most effective form of marketing. How can you get local customers talking about you? Outside of exceptionally customer service, wonderful products and impressive branding, you can create content that both entertains and provides solutions.

4. Get In the News
What’s better than content on your website that makes you look good? Content from other parties that make you look good! Do something noteworthy in your local community and contact some local news stations. Hiking, biking or other stories can get a lot of attention on Facebook and Twitter. Step up to do amazing things in your community and people will notice and share it online.

Here are 9 Blog Topics that can get you started

  • Community News/Local News.
  • Local Events.
  • Sponsorships or Charities.
  • Event Guides.
  • Local Resource Directory.
  • Review Local Businesses.
  • Interview Local Figures.
  • Top 5 Lists.
  • FAQs.
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