Time for A New Website Design?

A well-designed website should bring you business. Period. In order to connect your company’s services and products with customers, the website should be working for you.  If your website isn’t, it is time to fix the needed changes.

Many business owners already have a website, however many are also outdated and have lost functionality. With technology advancing especially with smartphones and tablets, websites can quickly become outdated in design, functionality and code requirements.

Outdated websites can negatively impact a user’s experience and will ultimately lead to less traffic on your site. Updates can provide an opportunity to update and enhance your online image and ensuring web compatibility standards. Designing and developing a new website offers new more opportunities to improve your rankings in search results and attract users from mobile devices.

Because the first impression of your business is often created immediately on your website, a website redesign will help jump start new sources of business. With a web redesign, often changing elements can be all you need to help in efforts without all new content.

Older web designs can also require a full overhaul. For example, if you have a do-it-yourself website or if your old web design was built on a template, a new web design is required on a platform such as WordPress. A website designer will help you identify your target. A website redesign will work better and assist you in reaching your marketing goals with SEO opportunities and a functional responsive web design.

We have 6 great reasons why you should get your website redesign today.

1) You web results are disappointing.

Your website should be working to help build your customer base. Your analytics should show you’re on track to meet company goals. If not, review your website and your competition. Is yours functional on all devices? Is it memorable? If you still are not getting the results you want, it’s time make use of web space. In a growing area such as Summit County, new business are always opening. If they open sometime after you are established, they may have a web advantage by the latest in web designs and SEO.

2) The strategy of your website has changed.

As most companies grow, marketing strategies will reflect changes in results. Although a full website redesign each time you adjust your marketing goals is unnecessary, it’s a good idea to verify every so often to be ensure your website matches your changing marketing plans.

3) Your website just doesn’t work.

As the web changes, search browsers, layouts, etc., we quickly see many old websites that are dysfunctional. Your website might not be as customer-friendly as it could be or was. The truth is there can be elements of a site that aren’t effective,and you may not realize they’re making your site less effective and losing ranking. Remember, your website’s functionality on all devices is critical.

4) Your site isn’t a responsive web design.

Web traffic on mobile devices continues to explode. If your site’s mobile design isn’t responsive, there is a strong possibly you are losing customers. Mobile web users have made it clear they want a great user experience they are used to one desktops.

5) You want to incorporate a better website SEO strategy.

Great content on your site will improve customer interactions, acquire new clients through SEO, retention of existing customers while matching to the changing search engines requirements. Although not exciting, a plan that incorporates new content, images, social media will help the user’s web experience.

6) Competitors changed their website.

It’s always necessary to evaluate your web competition. You may not a redesign, but updating easy changes such as font, colors, design elements, etc. can make a huge impact. However, if your competition makes major changes, don’t wait, it’s time to get a web designer and make some updates to your site.

Remember, your website should bring you new sources of business. Connect your company’s services and products through a website that will help with a redesign.